Our beautifully handcrafted mobile coffee trikes offer a refreshing alternative to the array of coffee shops on the high street. Our trikes include everything you need to get going on your new coffee trike along with the expertise to make it work. We have ran our own coffee and mobile coffee business for nearly a decade and can offer invaluable design, brand & marketing services, supply stock from coffee machines to coffee beans and everything in between! Even suggested events and locations, pricing, profits, and most importantly on going help and continued support…

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A Unique Opportunity

  • Benefit from our unique & strong eco-friendly brand with funky, memorable, adaptable name
  • Or just buy the trike and we can design, brand and print your signage – all in house
  • Trikes compliment and enhance any environment
  • Looked on favourably by city councils
  • Source of renewable energy – option to fit with roof solar panels to charge equipment
  • Mobile with minimal carbon footprint
  • Different, fun and adaptable – Trike’s could be a flower shop, smoothie bar, an ice cream parlour, the possibilities are endless
  • Want a Coffee Trike? We have the know how, receive barista training from one of the best in the business…

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